March 1908Established by the first president Shotaro Takao at Aza Daini-1, Sagisu-Cho, Nishinari-Gun, Osaka, as private management, started manufacturing of various boilers and pressure vessels.
March 1910Moved to Aza Urae Kita-4, Sagisu-Cho, Nishinari-Gun
November 1933Changed organization to a limited liability company. During this time, after research on improvement of products, an automotive parts “Fellow” was exhibited for the Emperor and registered as a patent, and got a financial incentive. As a result of an obvious rise of company performance, expanded the factories and facilities.
October 1941Moved to current place.
1942-1945During World War II (1941-45), designated as a controlled factory for the army and navy and delivered boilers to various users. After the end of the war, delivered various boilers and heat exchangers to the various users related to the US military in Japan. After that, followed a stable course to deliver a quantity of products to the various public sectors, hospitals, schools, private buildings, and factories.
January 1954Developed the flue and smoke tube FT boiler and started sales. “High-performance three-path type FT boiler”, Given the highest praise from various users along with the industrial expansion and showed the rapid growth of the product since its release. The business expanded as the factories and facilities were gradually intensified, enhanced, and streamlined.
December 1 1960Changed company name to Takao Iron Works, Co., Ltd. (The old name was Osaka Takao Iron Works, Co., Ltd.)
March 1973The capital was increased to JPY 100,170,000.
April 1973In cooperation with Daikin Industries, Ltd., started manufacturing of high temperature generator for absorption refrigerating machine under shared development.
March 1978Energy saving low NOx type FTE boiler released for commemorating the 70th anniversary of establishment was given high praise because it conformed to the needs of the times.
June 1979“Energy saving low NOx type FTE boiler”, Given the chairman’s award of the Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufactures as the Fifth Excellent Pollution Control Equipment.
January 1980Licensed the manufacturing technology of the Takao FTN boiler to Hwa Seong Boiler Co., Ltd.
October 1980Developed an energy-saving-type vacuum hot water heater (circuit heater) making use of the high temperature generator technologies, and started sales.
September 1984Developed the first vertical flue and smoke tube type boiler in Japan that can be carried in a basement machine room using an elevator in the general building and started manufacturing and sales.
August 1986Started leasing business of real estate and started rearranging the buildings and various facilities on the premises.
March 1988Constructed one building of welding/fabrication building No. 5 and one full automatic heating annealing furnace; improved and streamlined the factory environment for thorough quality control. Started manufacturing and sales of large volume energy saving flue and smoke tube type FTT boilers as commemorative product for the 80th anniversary of establishment.
September 1990Co-developed the energy saving super low NOx super large twin flue and smoke tube type FTE boiler with Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., and started manufacturing and sales.
January 1992Constructed a factory that can manufacture a very large boilers for the expansion of manufacturing facilities and the development of mass production structure.
August 1996Constructed a new company building as a commemorating enterprise for the 88th anniversary in August 1996, triggered by a serious damage on the inner/outer wall of headquarters and business buildings by the great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake on January 17, 1995.
March 2001Certified for ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
September 2003Capitalized at JPY 100,000,000.
March 2008Celebrated the 100th anniversary of the establishment.
March 2010Commercialization of “Takao Biomass Clean Boiler”
March 2012“Byproduct Oil Corresponding Type Valuable Metal Recovery Boiler System”, Given the 2011 (32th) Excellent in Energy-Saving Conserving Equipment Award.