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Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

The Personal Information (your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, etc.) that we collect from you will be used in order to reply to inquiries, send CAD data, deliver technical reports or notify inspection information.

Provision of Personal information

We will never provide the Personal Information to any third party without obtaining your prior consent, except special cases which the disclosure of personal information is based on laws and regulations.

Regarding Disclosure, Correction, Deletion and Discontinuance of the Utilization of Personal Information

If you would like to request disclosure, correction, deletion and discontinuance of the utilization of your own Personal Information, we will handle your requests without delay to the extent necessary.
If you have any inquiries or requests of corrections, deletions and discontinuance of the utilization of Personal Information, please contact our contact desk below. But, when your identification cannot be verified, we are unable to handle your request for disclosure or other treatment from the viewpoint of protection of Personal information.

■Personal Information Contact Desk
Phone Number:+81 6 6332 5751
Address: 1-3-29, Shimae-Cho, Toyonaka-City, Osaka
561-0826, Japan

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Contact Us

1-3-29, Shimae-Cho, Toyonaka-City, Osaka
561-0826 Japan

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